Hi Michelle,

 I would like to thank you and Darren for really turning my health around and making turning 50 an awesome experience. Above are before and after photos of me when I first started with 8 months ago and how I look today. I did this with Crossfit, Going to the gym daily and some serious nutrition. Never really thought it was possible @ 50. Thank you both again for everything, You guys are doing something really wonderful for the community.

Have a great summer,






CrossFit changed my life!

My dreams of being a sportsman died when I abandoned tennis in the eighth grade.  My aspirations at being an amateur power lifter were crushed - literally - in 2009 when my never-critiqued squat form left me with a tweaked back and sciatica at age 26.  I'd never been a "clean" eater, but things got worse after that.  Most of my food came from SeamlessWeb and the Duane Reade snack aisle.  In 2012 I moved to a new apartment with an attached gym I pretended I would use every day.  I didn't.

There appear to only be three news articles about CrossFit, and they all pointed to an activity that was absolutely wrong for me: the injuries; the rhabdo; and, worst of all, the two mile runs that bookend the Murph Memorial Day workout.

Man, was I wrong.

I walked into CrossFit DUMBO on November 30, 2012, exactly one week before my 29th birthday.  I’d decided I wouldn’t slide into my thirties as a fat lump of fat and CrossFit seemed like as good a bet as any to make that happen.  I was righteously hung over and totally unprepared for the baseline workout.  My scaling was epic, my time was pathetic, and I met Pukey the Clown on day number one (it was only partially the hangover: for the next few months I would come home from a workout and just sit in the bathtub, keeping my stomach settled through sheer force of will).

It’s been nothing but celebrating milestones since then.  I still remember the first day I made it through the warm-up.  I remember the first time (in my LIFE) I ran a kilometer, then a mile, and recently, on a lark, a 5K.  I’ve watched my powerlifting lifts come back to my pre-injury max weights and realized my sciatica has disappeared.  My endurance to do repetitive, moderate-weight movements like kettlebell swings and box jumps has gone from zero to… not zero.  I’ve gone down 30 pounds on the scale and 20-25% down on my body fat percentage as more and more fat is replaced with muscle.  I can’t describe how much better I feel about life.

It’s been 18 months.  I’m still not the fastest.  Or the strongest.  Or the fittest.  I still finish last among more classes than I’d like to.  But who cares: thanks go to Darren, Francesco, Michelle, and the entire CrossFit DUMBO community - thanks for kicking my ass when I need it, providing a team atmosphere where we will all succeed even if it kills us, and for teaching me about just what can happen when you’re dedicated to making your life better.